Great Expectations for New and Existing Dams

Ageing Dams, New Ideas

The title (with apologies to Dickens) captures the challenges of the increasing expectations of dam owners, the community, and the environment.

These expectations are driving new ideas and innovation in the dams industry.

It is the intention of the Hobart conference to provide a forum to present the latest ideas and innovation in meeting these expectations.


Conference Sub Themes

Older dams: their management and legacy

This sub-theme captures all aspects of managing old dams including:

  • their social legacy, place in the environment, meeting modern owner and community expectations
  • the application of new technology
  • managing environmental issues
  • managing increasing public interaction and use of assets

Building the case for dam upgrades

This sub-theme is an extension of sub-theme one that captures:

  • the technical, financial and social drivers (expectations – including all the regulatory and life risk safety upgrades that are the main driver for most upgrades) for upgrading existing dams
  • meteorological and hydrological drivers
  • developing successful business cases to upgrade dams

New Dams

This sub-theme captures techniques and innovation in the investigation, design and construction of new dams including:

  • meeting owner, community and other stakeholder expectations for new dams
  • case studies in design and construction innovation
  • achieving environmental outcome expectations

Dam Operation and maintenance innovation

This sub-theme captures new ideas and case studies which include:

  • meeting new operational expectations
  • innovative surveillance techniques
  • application of new technologies (hardware and software)
  • value adding dam monitoring data wholesale hockey jerseys – data management and converting to useful dam safety information
  • dam safety analysis
  • flood operation management
  • identifying and managing dam safety incidents
  • the management and upgrade of electrical and mechanical outlet works and other assets
  • the management and upgrade of gated spillways, particularly with regard to wholesale hockey jerseys increased expectations for flood mitigation and discharge control
  • the application of new technology to improve operation, maintenance and safety outcomes

Risk analysis techniques and innovation

This sub-theme captures new ideas and case studies which include:

  • case studies of improved safety outcomes
  • risk analysis and management techniques
  • acceptable risk assessment and application of ALARP
  • consequence and probability analysis

Emergency preparedness and incident management

This sub-theme captures new ideas and case studies which include:

  • emergency preparedness
  • communication and engagement of key stakeholders and operatives
  • case studies – incl. desk top and physical trials
  • incident management – case studies
  • aspects leading to successful outcomes (and those that don’t)

Tailings dams

This sub-theme captures new Wholesale Jerseys Online – Cheap & Free Shipping From China ideas and case studies which include:

  • design and construction
  • safety analysis and upgrading existing dams
  • lessons learnt from recent cheap football jerseys Australian and overseas incidents and dam failures